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Some skating… April 8, 2012

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Yesterday I had my 4th freestyle practice. As noted earlier, it has been a long time since I’ve done this stuff. Thinking about it, really, it has been at least 4 years. Of course I’ve been skating a lot on longboard, so it isn’t like I’ve not been skating. Still feeling a little clumsy on the small freestyle board, but overall I think it is going well.

Video is a great learning tool. For example, this video brought a couple of things to my attention:

  1. On my 360 shove-its, when I hang my rear foot over the edge less during take-off, I get a much better landing — better style – with my foot really on the board nicely, rather than on the heel with my toes hanging off.
  2. I remembered that on fingerflips, if I keep my knees together and pointed slightly forward, it not only looks better, but improves the trick by getting both less functioning in better unison.
So I think if I can keep up these practices for a couple of months I’ll be doing pretty well. All the skills should be back. 
Oh, the crazy electronic music is mine too. Downloadable here.

Cockfight Skateboards Rule March 23, 2012

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My friend Chris and I hit a new skate spot today, and I noticed we were both riding Cockfight skateboards. So I pulled out the digital camera and we made a little promo video.

Almost Out of Control March 18, 2012

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Took some downhill runs to day at Mt. Richardson with Chris Smith. BIG tailwind. Riding the Comet Voodoo, set up for tight turning slalom runs — not a great idea. As you can see, it was very fast today. About 30mph on this run — about 3/4 the way down I got speed wobbles, but stayed calm and centered and just rode it out. Some nice adrenalin. Sorry for the crazy view for the sky toward the end, but at that point I was concentrating on staying alive and uninjured.

Night Ride March 16, 2012

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Shot this a while back. Thought it was kinda cool, so posting it here…

It’s all downhill from here… March 10, 2012

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Here’s a video I shot last summer. As I sit here, working and daydreaming about nice weather and late sunsets, I like to watch these vids every so often. Keeps shit in perspective. This was originally posted one of my WordPress sites that fell victim to a .php virus released into the world by some assholes.

Let’s skate…. March 8, 2012

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Need to get some content on this blog, so here’s a messy little skate video I made last year. This is the kind of  video I put on youtube and usually get a bunch of thumbs-downs from teenage skaters because it didn’t amaze them, has horrible production values, or simply isn’t gay enough. Well, sorry guys, you and your boyfriends can make all the epic skate vids you want, with beautiful scenery to the soundtrack of some flaccid “World Music”. 

Sidewalk Destruction in Monterey, California. December 2, 2010

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Multi-Modal awesomeness February 9, 2010

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This morning my car needed to be taken to the dealership for some maintenance. I drive a 2003 Mazda Protege-5. It is a fairly efficient little hatchback. Not quite the mileage of my old Sentra, as it is designed to get up an go fast, which it does. Gets about 24 in the city, 30 on the highway. Truth is I don’t drive that much, as I don’t have much of a commute. And during most of the year I ride my bike to work 2 or 3 times a week.

Anyway, I drove to the dealership, rode a longboard to the train station, rode the train up to downtown Plano, and then longboarded up the street to work. Though it isn’t great for any really long distances (the ride from the dealership to the train station is only about 1/2 mile), the longboard is nice because it is easier than a bike to get on an off the train.

Bikes and skateboards and gardens, etc. June 24, 2009

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OK, I haven’t been posting here that much. So here’s what I’ve been up to.

Gardening: been growing lots of stuff in our 4 square foot gardens, plus some other stuff just planted in the ground. It is all going well. Just gotta keep it watered, as temps have already hit 100 degrees here.
Egg Plant in square foot garden

Took the new speed board and various skateboards to Central Texas earlier this month to skate with a friend. The Comet worked like a charm on the hills. Sweetness.

Reconfigured the cockpit of my road bike. Now it has mountain bike bars, bar ends, and a nice Nitto Dirt-drop stem to make it nice and comfy. Been riding it all over. Love it. I guess I’m not a drop bar kind of guy. I still have the drop bars, and I suspect that if I ever do a really long road ride I might use them. But for now I find the flat bars better for riding around town, and the bar ends give me a nice hand position for distances.
1988 Fuji Sagres SP road bike with new flat bars.

My wife and I are preparing to begin a weekly podcast related to sustainability issues, and in particular modifying suburban lifestyles to be more self-sufficient, sustainable, etc. Stay tuned.

September and onward October 7, 2008

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September was a terrible month for bike commuting, due to various illness episodes. Nothing life threatening — just annoying. But I’m back on the bike in October, and the weather is getting cooler, which is nice.

On the gardening front, our Bell Pepper plants that did nothing during the summer, and we were about to pull up, and now full of peppers. We grilled and ate the first one last week. It was smaller than the monsters you buy at the store, but it tasted much better.

I’ve also been back on the longboard — lots of fun.