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IMG_5803 October 17, 2009

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Bees in our square foot garden. We have a lot of bees, which makes me happy.

Lettuce September 27, 2009

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Planted some lettuce last weekend. It is now coming up. Behold – baby lettuces that will grow up to be eaten.


Garden, Sept. 2009 September 21, 2009

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Yesterday I recharged the soil in square foot garden #4, and planted it full of different varieties of lettuce and spinach.

The other gardens are in various states. Some new tomato plants are growing, and a few other things. Overall I was not happy with the summer harvests. We got lots of tomatoes, but not much else. It was just too damned hot. Next summer we’ll try some squash and a few other new things.

I’ve noticed after two years of doing this that our Bell Pepper plants grow well during the summer, but I guess due to the heat they don’t really produce until September/October. So right now we actually have a nice crop growing.

bell peppers

Bikes and skateboards and gardens, etc. June 24, 2009

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OK, I haven’t been posting here that much. So here’s what I’ve been up to.

Gardening: been growing lots of stuff in our 4 square foot gardens, plus some other stuff just planted in the ground. It is all going well. Just gotta keep it watered, as temps have already hit 100 degrees here.
Egg Plant in square foot garden

Took the new speed board and various skateboards to Central Texas earlier this month to skate with a friend. The Comet worked like a charm on the hills. Sweetness.

Reconfigured the cockpit of my road bike. Now it has mountain bike bars, bar ends, and a nice Nitto Dirt-drop stem to make it nice and comfy. Been riding it all over. Love it. I guess I’m not a drop bar kind of guy. I still have the drop bars, and I suspect that if I ever do a really long road ride I might use them. But for now I find the flat bars better for riding around town, and the bar ends give me a nice hand position for distances.
1988 Fuji Sagres SP road bike with new flat bars.

My wife and I are preparing to begin a weekly podcast related to sustainability issues, and in particular modifying suburban lifestyles to be more self-sufficient, sustainable, etc. Stay tuned.

Some harvest… April 17, 2009

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A small harvest of red leaf lettuce, curly lettuce, and spinach. Enough for a couple of dinners. We have lots more growing.

square foot gardens March 8, 2009

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Got the two new beds all built, filled with soil, and ready for planting. the other ones are still growing winter crops – lettuce, spinach, etc.

Should have a good harvest this year. Gonna also be trying watermelons, potatoes, corn, and peas elsewhere in the yard.

Garden production February 24, 2009

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We’ve harvested and eaten some really good greens (spinach, read leaf lettuce, and the like) from our garden. It is great to go out and get fresh food from one’s own yard.

However, it has made me realize that to really enjoy it, I need to plant a lot more greens, all over the yard. I want to have a really good supply at all times.

Back on the bike and preparing for Spring garden February 13, 2009

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After quite few weeks of bad weather, meetings, cold mornings, sickness, etc, I finally got back on the bike commute this morning. Felt great. Time to melt away the winter fat. Rode the Townie today. Will ride the Giant ATX 750 tomorrow, or maybe the single speed Centurion mixte.

On the garden front, we had the ugly, sick, and poorly-placed hackberry tree removed from our backyard. This will afford us both more space and more sunlight for growing vegetables. The tree didn’t provide shade to the house at all, so once we get some nice big bushes there for the birds, it won’t look quite so naked back there.

Looking forward to the greening of the backyard. Need to get everything geared up!

Finally, I found this really cool story about sustainable economies on the Civil Eats blog.

Saving Seeds February 2, 2009

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Good article on saving seeds for your garden. Click here.

Winterizing the Garden December 13, 2008

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It has been cold here, so in addition to putting plastic over my square foot gardens, I have cut back our banana trees. I planted them over the summer and they did pretty well. So following some instructions I found on several websites, I cut the plants down even with the ground, covered them with mulch, and put some plastic over that to keep them safe and warm. Supposedly they should come back strong next year, bigger than before. We’ll see.

The fall/winter square foot gardens are doing pretty well. I’ll take some pics tomorrow and post them.