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  • bibliosk8er 7:10 pm on June 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    New Freestyle Board 

    I think I may have mentioned that my friends seem to think I skate flatground better on a standard newschool street board. So I’ve been riding one for a couple of weeks. In fact, the video I just posted is done on this board. it’s a standard 7.75″ wide newschool board, from Index Skate Supply (in Dallas), with Ace 22 trucks and 50mm Bones STF wheels.

    After a short time adjusting to it, I really feel like my skating is better on this size board. It’s light. It is big enough to provide a good landing platform. The narrow contact patch of the wheels, which offer less traction, seems to offset the longer wheelbase when doing shove-its. The longer  wheelbase also give me just a little more room to move my feet around for footwork. Overall, the thing is light, very responsive, and simple. I even think my fingerflips are better on this board — much better landings, now that I’m used to it.


    • Mike Moore 3:39 pm on June 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Regarding my board size change…It's not that I'm adverse to change, it's that I'm adverse to slams. I can't shake the memory of trying to skate that GSD reissue and constantly stepping off the back, splitting the “boys” apart.

    • Bob 9:44 pm on June 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Just try it on a large newschool board, with modern nose and tail angles – good angles – not some crazy ass steep tail. You won't step off.

  • bibliosk8er 1:20 pm on June 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Training the Magic Weasel 

    A new skate video…

    Warning – I shot this video mostly to analyze my own skating – so yes — it is mostly the same footwork sequence over and over, from different angles. But some of it was kind of cool, so I decided to put it up here on youtube.

    My friend Tony Gale says that freestyle skater Stefan Albert moves like “a magic weasel”. I decided to learn some footwork inspired by Stefan. The Magic Weasel is 2 end-overs into a 1-footed tail 360 into 2 end-overs, but the trick is making a smooth transition from endovers to 1 footed 360s and back to endovers, so it all appears to be one continuous movement.

    This was my first day working on this sequence. Thought it went pretty well.

    One really nice thing about freestyle is that if you get to your spot and you are tired, you can warm up by working on low-impact stuff like this, and then move to harder moves as your body wakes up.

  • bibliosk8er 5:18 pm on June 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Small School “Imperial” shape.
    Click for larger image.

    Practiced some freestyle tonight. Was more tired than usual due to poor sleep last night, so I just worked on a few things and didn’t stress out. Working on getting my rolling 180 fingerflips back. Made a couple of good ones. Feel like when I actually have energy I will get them down. Vacation starts on June 11 — can’t wait for massive skate practice.

    The consensus from those who have skated with me is that I am better, and have better flow, on a standard 14″ wheelbase board. Small School is about to get our first run of  boards, including the new Imperial shape — 8″ wide, 14″ wheelbase, bidirectional, blunt ends. Essentially a bigger version of what I’m already riding.  Gonna try it out. I want a board that maximizes my strengths, rather than indulges some fantasy about how I think I “might” skate. Style is everything, and skating with your own style is even more of everything. So I will be experimenting with a number of boards over the coming couple of weeks.

  • bibliosk8er 3:30 am on May 25, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Freestyle Podcast Episode 4 

    Here’s Episode 4 of the Freestyle Podcast.

    If you haven’t heard the rest, you can find them here, or subscribe in iTunes.

  • bibliosk8er 3:23 am on May 25, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    A couple of freestyle vids 

    I went out for a little over an hour practice tonight. All my normal stuff is getting real solid and smooth. Very happy about that. Filmed a little, so I could study it and see how it actually looked, and filmed a bit from “on-board” just for fun.

  • bibliosk8er 1:23 pm on May 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Some footwork 

    I was really tired from spending a couple of hours in the heat at a skate event today, but went out to just work on my footwork a bit tonight. Specifically, I am working on smooth transitions from end-overs to walk the dog, which requires some foot repositioning during the pivot part of the end-over.

    I know I could improve it a lot simply by tightening my trucks, but I hate tight trucks. Also, I think I could probably do smoother footwork on a normal newschool board.  Not too bad though, considering my low energy level.

    There’s a big seam between the concrete section about halfway down my little practice area. Need to get used to rolling across it. I am breaking up my line a lot just by being a little to conscious of it.

    • Mike Moore 4:08 pm on May 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nice! You started getting looser around the 1:00 minute mark. In my humble opinion, I think your style is more “flowy” on bigger boards…more of a Peralta feel. Don't get me wrong…you done REAL good here…I dig watching you carve into stuff.

    • Bob 5:08 pm on May 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      yeah, I kind of agree. I think I have an internal conflict between how I actually skate and how I think I'd like to skate. With the longer wheelbase shove-its are somewhat more difficult, but I may set up a newschool deck and give it a try. To tell the truth, I wish I could get a FS board with mellower nose and tail angles. THAT would smooth things out a lot.

  • bibliosk8er 3:59 am on May 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Some freestyle tricks… 

    Just a few tricks. I’m not big on stationary tricks, but I did some rail flips tonight. Also working on my 2 footed nose 360s.

  • bibliosk8er 1:59 pm on May 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    A few freestyle tricks 

    Got some after work freestyle practice in yesterday. I was tired from work, but just relaxed and had some fun.

    I was popping my 360 Shove-Its way too much. Want to keep them flat. But I am working on make my take-offs my stylish on that trick, and it was affecting the whole thing.  Not too bad.

    At these after work sessions I don’t really try to learn new stuff. I just practice what I already know. This weekend there are a few tricks on my list that I want to start working on, to add to the regular lines. I really need to bring my notebook out, so I don’t forget to practice some moves.

  • bibliosk8er 2:01 pm on May 3, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Freestyle Podcast 2 

    Here is episode 2 of the Freestyle Podcast: Attack of the Freestylers!

  • bibliosk8er 7:51 pm on April 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Some skating… 

    Yesterday I had my 4th freestyle practice. As noted earlier, it has been a long time since I’ve done this stuff. Thinking about it, really, it has been at least 4 years. Of course I’ve been skating a lot on longboard, so it isn’t like I’ve not been skating. Still feeling a little clumsy on the small freestyle board, but overall I think it is going well.

    Video is a great learning tool. For example, this video brought a couple of things to my attention:

    1. On my 360 shove-its, when I hang my rear foot over the edge less during take-off, I get a much better landing — better style – with my foot really on the board nicely, rather than on the heel with my toes hanging off.
    2. I remembered that on fingerflips, if I keep my knees together and pointed slightly forward, it not only looks better, but improves the trick by getting both less functioning in better unison.
    So I think if I can keep up these practices for a couple of months I’ll be doing pretty well. All the skills should be back. 
    Oh, the crazy electronic music is mine too. Downloadable here.
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