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Concrete Lunch is skateboarding and bikes, and notions of a sustainable society and economy rather than one based on consumerism. Its about punk rock, and doing things yourself rather than watching others do things. Its about trying not to have a lazy, shitty American lifestyle while living in the midst of it.

Submissions are welcome.

Here are a few of our positions:

While we do own the domain name “concretelunch.net”, we’ll be trying to just use the various free services, such as WordPress, Youtube, VodPod, and Flickr, in an effort to be connected to a great community of ‘net users.

You may contact us at: concretelunch@yahoo.com


1. Joost Hoogstrate - August 10, 2009

Dear Mr/Mrs,

Surfing and searching the internet I stumbled upon your great website. I also noticed you provide your visitors with links to visitworthy environmental websites.

On the 22 of July (2009) we launched our new green hub Climatarians (http://climatarians.org). There is A LOT to do on our website:
– users can create their own blog
– users can discuss at our forum or in their group
– users can write articles at our wiki
– users can login with their Facebook (www.facebook.com) account and invite friends
– organizations can submit themselves to our directory (oops!… businesses have to pay)
– users can submit or search events
– users can submit or search job openings

We belief that -at least- some of your visitors find our website visitworthy and we hope you want to mention it in an article or grant us a link to our website.

If you would like to receive more information about me or Climatarians please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,

Joost Hoogstrate, founder

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