Concrete Lunch is skateboarding and bikes, and notions of a sustainable society and economy rather than one based on consumerism. Its about punk rock, and doing things yourself rather than watching others do things. Its about trying not to have a lazy, shitty American lifestyle while living in the midst of it.

Submissions are welcome.

Here are a few of our positions:

  • CL supports small skateboard manufacturers.
  • CL supports internet neutrality.
  • CL supports small publishing, music, and art.
  • CL supports independent skate shops – brick & mortar and online.
  • CL encourages the use of bikes to get to work where and when it is feasable and safe, and activism to make it more feasable and safe.

While we do own the domain name “”, we’ll be trying to just use the various free services, such as WordPress, Youtube, VodPod, and Flickr, in an effort to be connected to a great community of ‘net users.

You may contact us at: