Small School “Imperial” shape.
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Practiced some freestyle tonight. Was more tired than usual due to poor sleep last night, so I just worked on a few things and didn’t stress out. Working on getting my rolling 180 fingerflips back. Made a couple of good ones. Feel like when I actually have energy I will get them down. Vacation starts on June 11 — can’t wait for massive skate practice.

The consensus from those who have skated with me is that I am better, and have better flow, on a standard 14″ wheelbase board. Small School is about to get our first run of  boards, including the new Imperial shape — 8″ wide, 14″ wheelbase, bidirectional, blunt ends. Essentially a bigger version of what I’m already riding.  Gonna try it out. I want a board that maximizes my strengths, rather than indulges some fantasy about how I think I “might” skate. Style is everything, and skating with your own style is even more of everything. So I will be experimenting with a number of boards over the coming couple of weeks.