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Asteroid Apocalypse March 8, 2012

Posted by bibliosk8er in "Asteroid 2012 DA14", Doomsday.

There’s this news story circulating about Asteroid 2012 DA14 possibly hitting the earth next year (they say it will not hit…but what to scientists really know? Insane Clown Posse says they lie to us.)

A couple of thoughts…

  1. It isn’t a planet killer, so don’t sweat it unless it hits near you. If you are in its strike zone, you probably won’t have a chance in hell of getting outta the way, so put a couple of yard chairs up on the roof, pop open a cold beverage of your choice, and watch the festivities. Maybe have sex during the big event. How awesome would that be?
  2. Back in the good old days, when people didn’t know shit, they wouldn’t have worried. They’d just be standing there, buying some feed or gingham at the general store, then POOF! Vaporized, and really better off for it. There’s a real comfort in obliviousness.


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