Forward into the Past

Powell Peralta General Issue,on the left. Thanks to the original poster for this image. As you can tell from some of my previous posts, skate-wise I have been thinking about the ancient history of the late 1970s a lot lately. I am working on a prototype for a Small School deck that is intended to give […]

School is in Session

I mentioned a few posts ago that the Small School Cooperation is returning. Well, we have 3 boards being prototyped right now — all freestyle boards but my model is a hybrid that harkens back to the days of 1978. More as things develop. Can’t wait to get my prototype! For now… My Small School […]

Rocco and Roll

Ok, yeah, I know….HORRIBLE post title. Thanks to  – the original photographer, for posting this ad! Most people know Steve Rocco from his antics, success, and overall world-changing career on the business side of skateboarding. But when I was a young skater in 1978/79, Steve was one of a new generation of flatland freestyle […]

Random skate shot.

My friend Sean took this shot during a downhill session a while back. Couldn’t think of anything else to post today, so here it is…me, in all my glory. Board = Comet FSM, Indy 215 with mods, lime Retro Freerides. About 20mph. It was a beautiful day — cool enough to wear a sweater.

Freestyle Ripper

This is my longtime internet freestyle skateboarding friend, Terry Synnott. Terry is bad ass. In my opinion (which just happens to be correct), he is the best freestyle skater going. Most consistant. Most creative. Best variety. Awesome skater. That is all…enjoy.

New Wheels

Went to the skate shop today to look for good wheels, and behold! They had good wheels! Index Skate Supply, of the Dallas Fort Worth area, is hands down the best skate shop around these parts. Great supply of newschool stuff and stuff to make old skaters very, very happy. Anyway, I prefer tall (by […]