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Fall is here…sort of. September 1, 2010

Posted by bibliosk8er in bikes.

After a blistering August, in which we have day after day of 100 degree F heat in a row, it is finally September. So it should be cooling down, right?

My black Townie 21, during one of last fall's rides.

OK, it will probably still be hot, but at least it has been cool enough to get in some short (5 mile) rides on the Townie in the evenings. I have been mostly devoting myself to aikido practice this summer, with some evening longboarding when it falls below 100 at about 7:30. I’ll ride bikes in the heat, but I don’t like getting all that sun exposure.

As reported here on Bike Friendly Richardson, my town is putting in miles of new bike path, including 2 spots where you can get under the freeway! Once this is all done, and once Dallas finishes some of their current bike path projects, you will be able to get very long rides while staying off the street almost completely. From Richardson (or maybe Plano) all the way down waaaaay into Dallas. So it will soon be time to get on the sweet red Fuji and get going.

I have been neglecting this blog a bit, as I have several other blog projects that I work on. It’s been a hard summer in other ways other than the extreme heat, so we really didn’t tend our gardens enough to brag about either.

Oh – for those who don’t follow my other blogs, here is a nice longboarding pic that my friend Sean took.

Me, riding down a hill. Fun.



1. Stranded - December 26, 2010

Nice Townie! How about a pic of the Fuji?

2. Mountain Bike Helmets - February 4, 2011

Your black townie looks awsome. 🙂 Your pic that you were riding down a hill looks really fun! Thanks for sharing!

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