Home Energy Use

I have started a blog and podcast (well, eventually a podcast), that is more targeted toward issues of sustainability. Under this umbrella, I will be covering issues like organic gardening, energy efficiency, bike commuting and alternative transportation, etc. I’ll still be maintaing this blog too. The first post, with some information on typical home energy […]

More trail construction in Richardson

Here’s another story I did last night for Bike Friendly Richardson, about some additional bike trail construction currently underway. It’s too bad there aren’t any projects planned for the southwestern part of town, but I don’t think there are really any great places to put them. That part of town is very easy to navigate […]

New Richardson, TX trails and Bond Election

I wrote this on Bike Friendly Richardson this morning, after seeing trail construction on my morning bike ride to work. As I just read what I’ve written below, I realized it somewhat, errrrr…, well, it’s kind of like a rant. So please just cut me some slack. Richardson is holding a bond election for some […]

Stickers And Buttons

Stickers And Buttons Originally uploaded by dickdavid Richard W’s new stickers and buttons for Bike Friendly Richardson. It sure is nice to have an artist in the group. Richard does great posters and flyers for the events. Oh…this is the 100th post on this blog. Yay.