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Home Energy Use March 25, 2010

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I have started a blog and podcast (well, eventually a podcast), that is more targeted toward issues of sustainability. Under this umbrella, I will be covering issues like organic gardening, energy efficiency, bike commuting and alternative transportation, etc. I’ll still be maintaing this blog too.

The first post, with some information on typical home energy use and waste is now up. Please check it out, and spread the word. I appreciate your support.

More trail construction in Richardson March 15, 2010

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Here’s another story I did last night for Bike Friendly Richardson, about some additional bike trail construction currently underway.

It’s too bad there aren’t any projects planned for the southwestern part of town, but I don’t think there are really any great places to put them. That part of town is very easy to navigate on side streets anyway, so a trail really isn’t needed. However, if you look a the lower left side of the Trail Guide, you’ll see a planned section of the Cottonwood trail, that has two small completed sections. This little section is weird looking — appears like its supposed to cross Coit Rd? Are the areas currently green on the map supposed to connect to anything? It looks like they might. Need to see what Dallas is doing on the other sides of those roads.

Surly Long Haul Trucker March 12, 2010

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Surly Long Haul Trucker

Originally uploaded by itchylick

OK, THIS is proper heel clearance for your panniers. This is the bike I want.

New Richardson, TX trails and Bond Election March 11, 2010

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I wrote this on Bike Friendly Richardson this morning, after seeing trail construction on my morning bike ride to work.

As I just read what I’ve written below, I realized it somewhat, errrrr…, well, it’s kind of like a rant. So please just cut me some slack.

Richardson is holding a bond election for some improvements to city infrastructure and amenities on May 8.  The entire package will raise the property taxes on a home of about $180,000 valuation by about $110 a year. Amazingly, some nutcases are against this. C’mon people, that is NOTHING. It isn’t like they’re gonna flush that money down the toilet. They are maintaining and improving our city — doing things to try to attract talented, educated, good people to live here, to get excellent companies to locate in Richardson.  Good grief, if we left things up to these teabaggers, we’d have no public life at all.

Seriously – do we want to end up like Garland? I don’t think so.

And before some teabagger brings this up — YES – I am a homeowner. In fact, I actually own my home, rather than renting it from the bank. I don’t mind paying an extra $110 per year to keep our city moving in the right direction. It’s all part of living in a good civilization.

Dallas Cottonwood Trail March 9, 2010

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Here’s an article from the Dallas Morning News regarding completion of the under-High-Five section of the Cottonwood Trail.

Just keep building bike paths, please. Build, build, build.

Stickers And Buttons March 7, 2010

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Stickers And Buttons

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Richard W’s new stickers and buttons for Bike Friendly Richardson. It sure is nice to have an artist in the group. Richard does great posters and flyers for the events.

Oh…this is the 100th post on this blog. Yay.

Cheap bike camera mount March 5, 2010

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Just found this page, showing how to make a camera mount for your bike for about $1. Really cool.