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Cannondale bags February 10, 2010

Posted by bibliosk8er in bikes.
Cannondale Harvester pannier

Cannondale Harvester pannier

A few days ago I wrote about grocery shopping via bicycle. I’ve been using these Cannondale panniers for a couple of years now for grocery shopping and to carry my stuff to work when I bike commute, so I thought I’d just quickly note what exactly I’m using. Until today I didn’t even know what these things were called.

The panniers I used are the Cannondale “Harvester” grocery bags.

Yes, they are expensive. Of course, all bike stuff is expensive. I have been very happy with them so far. After two years I’ve had no problem with them. That attach to my Townie rack pretty well, althought its tubing is a bit on the thick side. But they work fine on it. They work great on my mixte’s Topeak rack.

These bags fold up for easy storage. The inside has a little drawstring, so you can seal stuff up pretty well. I’ve never had any of my work clothes get dirty while transporting them in the bags. They seem to be pretty resistant to the elements. So I’m pretty happy with them.



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