Sustainable Sources

Back in 1994-1995, in Austin,  I worked at a small web design company part time, during grad school. One of the guys who worked with us was Bill Christensen, who runs Sustainable Sources and . Bill always seemed like a real nice guy, but I was a busy grad student and didn’t really get to […]

Highway projects in DFW — so depressing…

Saw these two stories today in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Highways are really, really expensive.  I hear people complain sometimes that not everyone on the DART train buys a ticket — that there are cheaters. Compare that relatively small loss to the massive investment in freeways…it just doesn’t compare. The money involved in just […]

Cannondale bags

A few days ago I wrote about grocery shopping via bicycle. I’ve been using these Cannondale panniers for a couple of years now for grocery shopping and to carry my stuff to work when I bike commute, so I thought I’d just quickly note what exactly I’m using. Until today I didn’t even know what […]

Multi-Modal awesomeness

This morning my car needed to be taken to the dealership for some maintenance. I drive a 2003 Mazda Protege-5. It is a fairly efficient little hatchback. Not quite the mileage of my old Sentra, as it is designed to get up an go fast, which it does. Gets about 24 in the city, 30 […]