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Sustainable Sources February 24, 2010

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Back in 1994-1995, in Austin,  I worked at a small web design company part time, during grad school. One of the guys who worked with us was Bill Christensen, who runs Sustainable Sources and Greenbuilder.com .

Bill always seemed like a real nice guy, but I was a busy grad student and didn’t really get to know him that well. I did find out, however, that he ran greenbuilder.com, or at least its predecessor.

Well, his sites are just really a motherload of information on any greenbuilding/sustainability issue that might interest you. So check them out.

Highway projects in DFW — so depressing… February 24, 2010

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Saw these two stories today in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Highways are really, really expensive.  I hear people complain sometimes that not everyone on the DART train buys a ticket — that there are cheaters. Compare that relatively small loss to the massive investment in freeways…it just doesn’t compare.

The money involved in just these two projects totals to over three billion dollars. That would finance a lot of light rail and bike lanes and street cars.  I’m glad my friends who have to drive in these parts are perhaps looking at less misery, but there’s got to be a better way of doing things….



Visiting farms by bike – upcoming adventure February 23, 2010

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My wife heard about this guy and his dream on the radio today. It is way cool. Check it out. He is planning to ride around the country, and world, by bike, visiting farms.


Joe Urban on biking in Portland February 15, 2010

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Enjoyed this article on biking in Portland, by Joe Urban.

Biking in Portland (and thoughts on what makes it such an urban mecca)

Cannondale bags February 10, 2010

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Cannondale Harvester pannier

Cannondale Harvester pannier

A few days ago I wrote about grocery shopping via bicycle. I’ve been using these Cannondale panniers for a couple of years now for grocery shopping and to carry my stuff to work when I bike commute, so I thought I’d just quickly note what exactly I’m using. Until today I didn’t even know what these things were called.

The panniers I used are the Cannondale “Harvester” grocery bags.

Yes, they are expensive. Of course, all bike stuff is expensive. I have been very happy with them so far. After two years I’ve had no problem with them. That attach to my Townie rack pretty well, althought its tubing is a bit on the thick side. But they work fine on it. They work great on my mixte’s Topeak rack.

These bags fold up for easy storage. The inside has a little drawstring, so you can seal stuff up pretty well. I’ve never had any of my work clothes get dirty while transporting them in the bags. They seem to be pretty resistant to the elements. So I’m pretty happy with them.

Multi-Modal awesomeness February 9, 2010

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This morning my car needed to be taken to the dealership for some maintenance. I drive a 2003 Mazda Protege-5. It is a fairly efficient little hatchback. Not quite the mileage of my old Sentra, as it is designed to get up an go fast, which it does. Gets about 24 in the city, 30 on the highway. Truth is I don’t drive that much, as I don’t have much of a commute. And during most of the year I ride my bike to work 2 or 3 times a week.

Anyway, I drove to the dealership, rode a longboard to the train station, rode the train up to downtown Plano, and then longboarded up the street to work. Though it isn’t great for any really long distances (the ride from the dealership to the train station is only about 1/2 mile), the longboard is nice because it is easier than a bike to get on an off the train.

A good book on small houses February 8, 2010

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Here’s a slightly old video interview with the author of Little House on a Small Planet, Shay Salomon. I’ve had this book for a while, and its a really great book.

This interview was done before recent house/credit crash.

Biking for groceries in the cold February 7, 2010

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I rode the Electra Townie up to Sprouts grocery store today. We are lucky enough to have a Sprouts, Natural GrocersWhole Foods, and HEB Central Market nearby, was well as some more traditional grocery stores. Sprouts is the groovy store that is closest to us – an easy 1.75 mile ride through the neighborhood.

My mission tonight was simply to buy stuff to eat for lunch next week, plus a few other items. Stuff to make smoothies, etc. Sprouts has fairly good prices. The one thing about these stores that still kind of bothers me is that they still sell products that are way over-packaged. Like a small package of baby spinach — it was in a clear plastic container that was just too much for the product. So much waste. No – I didn’t buy that stuff. I’d just like to see retailers insist on packaging that provides less crap to potentially go to the landfill.

It is also very hard for me to buy lettuce and spinach now. Last year we had so much from our square foot gardens — it was great. This year, due to my dad’s illness in 2009, we didn’t have any time to do the gardens. So I’m used to getting really good leafy greens for nearly free. Hard to pay grocery store prices.

the Dallas Bike Trail Network February 5, 2010

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Here is a good article on the bike trail network in Dallas, from a new blog called Biking in Dallas.

These guys are running a good blog. Lots of great information here. I was really happy to see that they gave big props to my town of Richardson in the above-linked article.

New Tail Light February 5, 2010

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I had to replace the rear blinkie on my Electra Townie today. I got one of these. It is super bright. Had 2 flash settings. Did I mention it is BRIGHT! Well, it is. I recommend it.