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Comet Pagan May 9, 2009

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Comet Pagan

Originally uploaded by bibliosk8er

Took the new downhill board out for some mild hills today, over in the Canyon Creek neighborhood. Skated a run I’ve done many times and it was fun. Then scouted out a new run — about a quarter mile long — maybe a bit longer.

Got a nice adrenalin rush at the bottom, where it hits a 90 degree intersection. Pavement in this area is concrete, and the intersections can be pretty choppy, so a 90% turn isn’t childs play for a downhill novice. Anyway, I found the line and blasted through catching a little sideways drift on the Retro Freerides. Probably not going all that fast — I’d say about 20 or 25 tops. But still, was fun. Wore helmet and slider gloves.

Can’t wait to get this board on some nice smooth asphalt and a longer hill.



1. Ian - October 30, 2009

I just had some questions about the board i am looking in to getting one so i just wanted to know some stuff.

some things i wanted to know are does the board flex at all? cause i heard that it is a pretty stiff board, also how does the turning and concave feel?

2. bibliosk8 - October 30, 2009

The board is stiff, for sure. I weight 210, and it flexes just a little bit. Not much at all.

Turning and concave are rad.

There is a longer review on my other site: http://texaslongboarder.wordpress.com

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