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Live Green Expo coverage April 20, 2009

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GreenRoost.com did a nice writeup of the expo, so I’ll just point to it rather than rehashing a bunch of stuff.

So after the Expo, of course, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve the energy efficiency of our home. Right of the top of my head I can think of at least 10 places we are leaking energy, and all should be fairly easy to fix. Some of the other solutions are a bit more¬† expensive. For instance, I’ve been interested in solar water heating for some time. I checked a couple of systems out, and they were around $6500. After some rebates, that equates to (according to the vendors) about a three year payback time, which isn’t bad.

But looking at some of these more expensive projects, it got me wondering about the effect our highly mobile society has on such things. How willing are people going to be to invest that kind of money in a home they don’t plan to stay in. Usually, people want to be able to “get there money” back out of their house when they sell it. Hopefully the average home buyer will become more hip to the benefits of some of these systems and learn to value them.

Live Green Expo April 19, 2009

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Ed Begley, Jr.I’ll probably point to some more detailed coverage of Plano’s Live Green Expo later, but that is where I went today, with my lovely wife. Met up with the owner of GreenRoost.com and checked out the various products on display in the vendors area, after hearing Ed Begley Jr. speak. Ed did a nice presentation – not technical – but kind of a pep talk with some very simple suggestions for increasing the environmental efficiency of your home. I think we will take a few of his suggestions, including getting a nice high-tech energy audit. A few cool things – the toilets that use less water for just flushing liquid, solar water heaters (there’s no way we can fit one of these in our house, which is a bummer), lots of rainwater reclamation vendors, etc.

What was really impressive was the crowd. I was blown away by how many people showed up, and I can’t wait to hear attendance estimates. I read some douchebag on Pegasus News criticizing Plano for doing this event. This thing was a huge success. So I hope that conservative tightwad finds out and perhaps shuts his yapper in the future. The payoff for the North Dallas/Collin County community was huge for this event.

Some harvest… April 17, 2009

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A small harvest of red leaf lettuce, curly lettuce, and spinach. Enough for a couple of dinners. We have lots more growing.