Richardson, TX/Galatin Nature Preserve Bike Ride

Today I rode the Electra Townie over to the bike trail that extends from the Arapaho DART rail station up to Galatin Nature Preserve, in Richardson. Eventually, the trail along the DART track, known as the Central Expressway Trail, is supposed to extend farther south, which will be real cool.

I’m really happy to have some good bike trails so close to my house. This trail end with some nice loops through the woods up by Renner Rd. and Central. When you’re back there, it nice and peaceful. You’d hardly know you are in the middle of the suburbs. Real nice. In the summer and spring it is nice and green and shady.  They are currently building a road through part of the woods, which sucks, but it will keep Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Richardson. So I think the tradeoff will be OK, especially if they improve the trail right there.

The whole ride is posted here: