Garden production

We’ve harvested and eaten some really good greens (spinach, read leaf lettuce, and the like) from our garden. It is great to go out and get fresh food from one’s own yard. However, it has made me realize that to really enjoy it, I need to plant a lot more greens, all over the yard. […]

Commuter tranformation

Just took the next step in converting my mountain bike into a commuter. Added a Topeak Explorer rack. I can use the quick release basket from my single speed mixte on it. It’s kind of a tight fit under the saddle, but no biggie. Just rode it to the grocery store and back to pick […]

Broccoli seedlings

Broccoli seedlings In additions to these broccoli plants, I’ve also started some spinach, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, ocra,and chard. By the time these are ready to transplant, the weather should be pretty nice. Gardening is punk. There’s nothing quite as DIY as growing your own food.