Long Townie Rides…

Here’s a view of Whiterock Lake, in Dallas, yesterday. I rode down there on my Townie 21 and met my friend Matthew and his girls for a ride around the lake. Fought the wind all the way down there, and I was kind of hammering it because I was running late.

Getting to and from our meeting point on the lake added about 3 miles to the ride, so it was 27 in total.

That is way too much for the Townie. Or should I say, it is to much for me on the Townie. I didn’t feel too bad after the ride, as the wind was with me on the way back, but the next morning I really felt it. The Townie is a great around town bike, good for commutes in the 5 -10 mile range, but I won’t be riding it on any more 15+ mile rides, particularly on windy days.

But even with the extra energy expenditure it was a good ride.