Peugeot Single Speed Project


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A few months ago I picked up a 1986 Peugeot Corbier bike from the police bike sale in Plano, TX. The wheels sucked, but the frame is in great condition. Paint is almost like new.

Last night I removed all the remaing parts from my Corbier except the headset, stem, and bottom bracket. I cleaned the frame really good — the paint is in such good shape I don’t think I’m going to repaint it. Not crazy about the color, but the metal is well protected.

The cranks were practically time-welded on. It was quite difficult to remove them, but a good learning experience, as I had never used a crank tool before.

My goal is to use this to learn some basic bike mechanic skills – cranks, bottom bracket, headset adjustment, etc. I’ll have to get a good single speed wheelset for it. When it is riding and looking cool I will try to sell it for my cost. If it doesn’t sell, I can always just ride it or move the nice wheels to a nicer frame.