Evening ride

After doing my normal bike commute today, riding to the store, buying food, grilling food for dinner, eating, buying the people next door a present for their new baby —— I went for a nice evening ride tonight. 6.6 miles. I tried hard to get to exactly 6.66 miles, but just didn’t quite get it exact.

Anyway, just a leisurely ride on the Townie 21. I haven’t been on either of my two multi-geared bikes since getting the single speed mixte a couple of weeks ago. So it was interesting being back on a 21 speed bike. The Townie is actually pretty fast. I wouldn’t want to try a single speed Townie. I think the geometry, which is so relaxed and comfy, would be all wrong for a single speed. But the 21 can really move. Fun ride. And of course, with the upright position you can really see around you and enjoy the ride.