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Just another ride June 4, 2008

Posted by concreteguy in bikes.
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I was kind of busy tonight, but since I wasn’t able to get any riding in yesterday or during the day today, I went for a 5.5 mile ride tonight while doing the laundry (or rather, when our machines were doing our laundry).

Again, I went south down Waterview to Spring Valley, over to the west, back up through the neighborhood to Dublin, and then east, before heading north and west home.

Down around Coit Rd and Spring Valley there’s a Fiesta Supermercado, and lots of other hispanic/immigrant oriented businesses. I used to work where the Fiesta is now, back at the old Northwood Hills 4 Theaters — when it was a $1 movie. I worked many midnight movies there one summer. Saw “Destroy All Monsters” at that theater when I was in the 2nd grade. Bill’s Records and Tapes used to be right next door to the theater, and there was an Army/Navy store there too.

That part of town has always been a bit rougher around the edges, and I guess the same is true today. Again — the demographics have changed a bit, but I’d have to say the “grit level” of the area is about the same. Whatever — it is fun to ride around down there and hear the music, and see actual humans walking on actual sidewalks.



1. lee gresham - June 15, 2008

hello mr. lunch,
i think i linked here from bikesfortherestofus. because i liked the name and just happened to recognize the street references/Bill’s. pretty impressed you ride around there. seems scary?
i’ve been a refugee from dallas for about 18 years now. folks still live there so i git up there every-so-offen. been down here in austin getting people to ride bikes for fun and transport for several years and would like to extend invitation to visit my shop, Eastside Pedal Pushers, the next time you’re in austin.

2. bibliosk8 - June 15, 2008

Hi Lee,

Next time I’m down there I’ll check out your shop, for sure. The area around bills has always been a little sketchy, but even now it isn’t like you’re risking your life or something by riding there. Its just a bit more colorful than, for instance, West Plano. haha.

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