Texans and driving

Texans are amazing. I suspect this is probaby true of every other state too. Here’s a story to read: New poll shows Texans want better roads; don’t want to pay for them I guess people expect the roads to magically build and maintain themselves. With regard to high gas prices and the cost of commuting, […]

An offer for the stupid

Here’s an article about the big incentives the car companies/dealerships are offering to try to sell their SUV stock. http://finance.yahoo.com/loans/article/105271/Car-Makers-Lavish-Incentives-on-SUV-and-Truck-Buyers In case you haven’t noticed, there are thousands of these monstrocities sitting on the lots, looking for owners. I’d wait — they’ll be even cheaper in a few years, when they’re being sold for scrap […]


A few months ago, George Carlin performed in Fort Worth. Knowing that he was getting older, I figured we should go see him while he was still around. We did — he was great — but now he’s dead, which is a bummer. With the 4th of July coming up, and Carlin know dead, I […]

Evening ride

After doing my normal bike commute today, riding to the store, buying food, grilling food for dinner, eating, buying the people next door a present for their new baby —— I went for a nice evening ride tonight. 6.6 miles. I tried hard to get to exactly 6.66 miles, but just didn’t quite get it […]

Bike miles thus far in June

Well, I’ve ridden 141 miles in June, as of right now. Of that, I’ve ridden to work 5 times. Lost a couple of days of commuting because I got a cold — stayed home on Friday and didn’t ride on Monday. But I’m back at it now. Anyway, the goal is 250 total miles for […]

Trip to Houston

Went to Houston on Friday to pick up a bike I bought from my friend Jason. A killer 1980s steel framed Centurion mixte — made by Samurai warriors in Japan. On the way down I stopped for gas and got these. Muy delicioso! Here’s the northbound traffic I was driving past on I-45 — it […]

Just another ride

I was kind of busy tonight, but since I wasn’t able to get any riding in yesterday or during the day today, I went for a 5.5 mile ride tonight while doing the laundry (or rather, when our machines were doing our laundry). Again, I went south down Waterview to Spring Valley, over to the […]