Saving gasoline?

Yesterday I saw a story on Yahoo! — I think it was actually content from CNN/Mondy — about how to use less gasoline.

Weirdly, or perhaps not so weirdly, there was no mention made of simply driving less.

Heres a story about people looking for old Geo Metros, which are (or maybe were) cheap, and got 40mpg. I feel bad for the woman in the story, who feels smart for buying a Geo for here 100 mile per day commute. The real problem, of course, is the 100 miles. 

I used to have a daily commute of about 40 miles each way. It sucked. We changed our living arrangements to a short commute situation because we were sick of wasting so much of our lives in the car. Now it seems with the collapse of the petro-culture at our throats, it will help financially too.

I can’t fault someone for trying to find a fuel efficient car — but it’s grasping at straws. We — our civilization — must change. Conserve, reuse, recycle.  The cheap-energy suburban sprawl culture is on its last legs. We’re going to need to live in the communities where we work, grow more food locally, and invest in public transportation, before its too late.