Composting and bike commuting

Yesterday the composter we ordered arrived, and we put our first load of vegetable matter into it. This little composter can be tumbled to mix things up, and the liquid junk that is produced (nutrient rich “compost tea”) goes into the base, where it can be gathered and used to add good stuff to your garden.

Of course, we’re doing this the yuppie way, I guess, by purchasing a slightly expensive little composter. I mean, looking at what we got, it is severely over-priced. But after a few harvests of compost it will have paid for itself and nurtured our garden too.

I guess the next projects will be 1 or 2 more square foot gardens and maybe 2 more rain barrels. I may look into making my own rain barrel out of some kind of old barrel or something.

On the topic of bike commuting: Today is the 3rd time this week I’ve ridden to work. I’ve really come to enjoy it, even in the increasing heat of the Texas summer. It isn’t bad in the morning, and in the afternoon I just lather up with sun screen, fill my water bottle, and totally enjoy the ride home. Each bike commute day gets me 1:20 of exercise, and saves me gas. Which is great, because I filled up one of our little Mazda Protege5 cars last night — a fairly efficient car at 26mph city — and the fillup cost $47. Holy shit!!

I just realized I haven’t written anything about punk rock on this blog, maybe ever, and it’s supposed to also be about punk. So here’s some music. But really, I don’t think there’s much thats more punk than growing your own food, collecting rainwater, and riding a bike rather than driving a car. DIY baybee.