Commuter bike

The Townie 21, set up for commuting. Cannondale panniers, bell, headlight, a couple of flashing tail lights, and a computer. Just need fenders now. Yes, I park it in my office.

bike 002


2 thoughts on “Commuter bike

  1. Hi. I just bought a Townie also, and I like your panniers. Have you hauled groceries in them yet?

    I also like the black. My options were blue and orange, and since I chose orange I can’t find any accessories that don’t look out of place on it.

  2. Yes, they will hold quite a lot of groceries. We have the same panniers on my wife’s townie, so we’re ready for grocery shopping. Those cannondale panniers, like everything else in cycling, are expensive — about $70 each. I’m sure there are less expensive options.

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