Loose headset

Last night a friend came over and helped me put a new, rigid fork on my mountain bike. The fork works great — and the bike is a lot lighter.

We tried and tried, but we simply could not get all the play out of the threadless headset. There’s not much, but it’s enough to drive a perfectionist crazy.  And I mean we tried everything. My buddy is a great bike mechanice – he knows what he’s doing.

The headset, like the bike, is about 12 years old. It was being used with a suspension fork, and I suspect some difference in the steerer tube, down right about the crown, may be causing the problem. I think the crown race and the other parts down there might be sort of permanently tweeked to the the suspension fork. So I’m thinking I may have to get a new headset. Gonna take it to the big bike store tomorrow and get their opinion. We’ll see. I know one of the mechanics down there, and he is a magician.

EDIT: Ok, taking the bike in today. I’m an idiot. I had no idea the crown race needs to be pressed on the fork’s crown. There is too much to know. Skateboards are much simpler.