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Some garden shots April 27, 2008

Posted by concreteguy in gardening, sustainability.

The Square Foot Garden is coming along well. Should have some stuff to eat soon.




Garden April 21, 2008

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OK, the experiment in Squarefoot Gardening is going well. The stuff is growing. Here’s a pic.


New fork on the bike… April 16, 2008

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Got a new fork on my mountain bike last week, and got it put on my bike this week. It is a Tange fork — very nice CrMo fork. The whole bike is a bit lighter and more nimble now, and more efficient too.

giant atx 750

Riding in traffic April 14, 2008

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Here’s a good video from Kent’s Bike blog, about riding in traffic.


Not sure where this video was filmed. Wow — the motorists all seem so reasonable. Very lacking in aggressive assholes in massive pickups — must not be Texas.  Good riding tactics though, for sure.

Loose headset April 14, 2008

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Last night a friend came over and helped me put a new, rigid fork on my mountain bike. The fork works great — and the bike is a lot lighter.

We tried and tried, but we simply could not get all the play out of the threadless headset. There’s not much, but it’s enough to drive a perfectionist crazy.  And I mean we tried everything. My buddy is a great bike mechanice – he knows what he’s doing.

The headset, like the bike, is about 12 years old. It was being used with a suspension fork, and I suspect some difference in the steerer tube, down right about the crown, may be causing the problem. I think the crown race and the other parts down there might be sort of permanently tweeked to the the suspension fork. So I’m thinking I may have to get a new headset. Gonna take it to the big bike store tomorrow and get their opinion. We’ll see. I know one of the mechanics down there, and he is a magician.

EDIT: Ok, taking the bike in today. I’m an idiot. I had no idea the crown race needs to be pressed on the fork’s crown. There is too much to know. Skateboards are much simpler.

Tour of Dallas April 6, 2008

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Yesterday I rode in my first bike event — the Tour of Dallas — with my friend Matt and his daughter Zoe. We rode the short route, which was originally planned to be 8 miles, but after a no-show by the company contracted to cone-off the bike route, it was changed to a little over nine miles. Not big deal for us, but for a young girl on a single speed bike, it was a great challenge, and Zoe did a fantastic job.

The ride benefitted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I’m not sure how many people rode in this event, but it was several thousand at least. My number was in the 3000s.

It was great to get out with lots of other riders and take over the streets. The Dallas Police were there to stop traffic and even ride along. It should be like this all the time. Cars suck.

Anyway, here I am.