Some random bike stuff…

A quick entry.

Been riding a lot. Long rides on the mountain bike. Well, about 25 miles. That is long for me. The Specialized Nimbus city tires make it much easier to crank out the miles on. Bike and components are still going strong after 12 years. Thinking about going to the narrower and higher pressure Specialized Fatboy tires. Also considering trying to find a rigid fork. Anything to shave some weight off the bike.

Enjoying long recreational rides on the Townie 21. Rad bike. The Cannondale panniers are rad for going to the grocery store. Sweet ride, looks punk as hell, and you can look around while you are riding. Still loving the black Townie.

Just finished reading The Immortal Class: Bike Messengers and the Cult of Human Power, by Travis Hugh Culley. Fascinating book and a great read. A more detailed review coming up soon. Normally I’d say check it out from the library, but its a good book, so support Travis buy purchasing it.

Researching road bikes. Gonna get one eventually. I’m interested in the whole fixed gear thing, but not sure I’ve got the time to really put into it. Still, I may set one up if the frame and parts present themselves.