Rode a Road Bike

Today I went to the local bike shop to rent a road bike. I’ve never actually ridden a good road bike for any length of time. Of the last 20 years it has been a mountain bike or more recently my Townie 21. I wanted to see what a modern road bike felt like.

The bike they brought out was a 58cm Trek Pilot 2.1. Nice bike. I’m sure this was was not the 2008 model, but it road real nice. Very fast and light compared to my mountain bike. I guess that goes without saying. This bike retails for over $1500, which I understand isn’t a lot for a road bike, but it is a lot in my experience. Carbon fork. Just a nice bike.I rode my usual ride, and it went pretty well. Covered the distance in much better time. So clearly the road bike may have something to offer me.

I did not like the saddle. I’m used to a “male anatomy” Specialized saddle that is pretty cushy. I’m not crazy about the idea of “getting used to” a saddle that is pretty obviously not great for your nether regions. Yes, I’m am not a cycle jock. I’m also not interested in impotence. So if and when I get a road bike it will have a less aggro but more anatomically friendly saddle.

This particular bike has a fairly upright posture for a road bike, which I liked. The 58c frame seemed to fit me pretty well. Very stable, good handling. Maybe a bit big for my fantasy life as a NYC bike messenger, but fantasy does not equal reality. I will not be dodging busses, pedistrians, cars, or skitching cabs.

In my week of vacation, doing tons of bike trail cycling, Townie trips to Starbucks and the grocery store, and tons of yardwork, I’ve gone from 202 pounds to 197. The ultimate goal is 180, with an intermediate goal of 190.