A good ride, and an observation.

Went for a good ride today with a buddy. Down to and around the lake and back — 24 miles. He on his very cool and classic Specialized steel frame road bike, and me on my old Giant mountain bike with Specialized “Nimbus” city tires. A nice, leisurely ride. A little over 2 hours. I used to do this ride years ago much faster, but its nice to ride with a friend, talk, and just enjoy being out.

So as we were riding around the lake, a guy on a road bike passed us and yelled at me “Raise your saddle!”

Weird. I mean, I have the saddle set at a comfortable height for a pleasant ride, not for total maximum efficiency. I’ve been riding a long time — it isn’t like I’m new to cycling.

Anyway, I thought that was a strange thing to yell at someone as you pass them. If he’d seen me on my Townie he probably would have freaked out. So my point is that there is, in part of the cycling world, a certain “jockism” that stinks of douche-baggery. A snobishness of sorts. I’ve met some really nice people riding bikes, but also some major league assholes.

Now, this guy may have meant well, but seriously, was he correcting everyone at the lake? It isn’t like my saddle was set THAT low.

Anyway, it was a good ride.