Steel Bikes?

Rode over to my local bike shop today to browse the inventory and ask some questions about road bikes. I’ve not owned a bike with drop bars since my old Huffy Santa Fe 10-speed, so I’m thinking about renting one soon to see what size bike I might like, how it feels, if I like it, etc.Anyway, the guy at the shop was helpful, but boy, there aren’t many steel frames out there.

My online research has led me to believe that in a bike with drop bars, a cyclocross bike might be good for commuting since they are somewhat tough, and a touring bike might also be good with the longer wheelbase for stability and more upright position. I discovered Surly a couple of weeks ago. All steel. There’s also at least one Bianchi cyclocross bike that a friend of mine uses for everything. Real cool. It is also steel.

But man, nearly everything out there is aluminum. What’s the deal?(that’s a rhetorical question. I haven’t actually been completely oblivious to the cycling world for the last 20 years). I know it is light, but CrMo isn’t super heavy, and it seems like it is pretty durable.At any rate, I’ll probably rent a bike with drop bars, but so far I haven’t seen anything to convince me that my old Giant mountain bike, with some fenders and maybe a second wheel set wouldn’t completely meet my needs for moderately long rides and commuting, and the new Townie also for commuting and leisure riding.