More green living

So as another part of our push toward more sustainable living, we decided to try to grow some veggies in our back yard. In more rural areas it is common for people to grow some of their own food, but it seems unusual in the suburbs. But you know, we have yards. Why not make at least part of the yard productive, rather than just spending money to keep the grass green.

So we found this book called Square Foot Gardening. The idea is to grow things in small raised beds, using a particular mix of soils (which means you aren’t dependent on whatever weird soil you have in your yard). Doing it in small raised gardens makes the whole thing more managable and more efficient as far as water consumtion, etc.

This weekend I built the first small 4 x 4 box and put down the garden fabric to keep weeds out. We picked up the soil components, but had to order one bag, which I’ll explain later.

We are starting some plants, from seeds, inside in these little grow boxes. Each box has a number of compartments for soil and seeds, and you cover it with a lid, making a little green house. Amazingly, after only one day a plant is already coming up. Amazing to me, anyway, as I’ve never had much luck growing anything but lawn grass.

I’m tracking how much money we put into the garden, and then I’m going to see how long it takes to make that money back with edible food. It seems like it could take a while, but then again vegitables are expensive now, so it might pay off fast.