1st bike pic

So here’s a shot of my bike – the first bike pic on this site (click for bigger view). No, it’s not a bad ass new mountain bike. It’s a Giant ATX 750 from 1996. I was at work one day, walked into my office (cubicle), and there it was! My wife had snuck it in to surprise me for my birthday. I’d been wanting a mountain bike, since I’d sold my old one years ago to make the rent during some pretty lean years. So this bike means a lot to me. Great bike. Chromoly frame, pretty good components. Used to ride it off road a lot, but now I’ve got some skinnier city-type tires on it for bikes paths, etc.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been riding a lot. Pretty much all city bike paths, but some good rides for sure. I actually broke down and bought a cool new cruiser the other day — an Electra Townie 21. Extremely cool and comfortable bike, and I’m planning to really put some miles on it.  But as I looked at new bikes, my appreciation of the old Giant just really swelled. This bike has never broken down — except for a few flats. No component has ever given out. Fucking rad bike.