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Chris Miller June 26, 2007

Posted by concreteguy in skateboarding.
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The photo below is Chris Miller, one of the true giants of skateboarding. Chris has flow unlike anyone else. While this is an old photo, Chris is still active, having killed it recently in the Protec Pool Party.

For proof of his current-day greatness, check out the last 3 vids in the VodPod area, in the sidebar. Pretty amazing. Thanks to El Gato Negro for posting this in his Flickr photostream.

Chris Miller

New Wheels June 20, 2007

Posted by concreteguy in skateboarding.
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bones 100s wheelsI got some new wheels for my street board — some 52mm Bones 100s — the skinny ones. They’re not as skinny as some of the tech wheels out there though. At 100a hardness, they should be fast in a skatepark. 

There are a lot of wheels out there, but Powell/Bones has simply never made a bad wheel. Even at 100a, these wheels have some rebound. They aren’t just hard, dead chunks of plastic. I’ve heard really good things about the Bones Street Tech formula wheels too.

The Greatness that is Mike Vallely June 16, 2007

Posted by concreteguy in skateboarding.
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mikevbert.jpgA friend sent me this link to a youtube video of the great Mike Vallely doing a demo. Great video. Some of the comments are amusing — a bunch of know-nots criticizing the great skating of a guy who has been 1) killing every terrain (including vert, which puts him on a whole other level than most of the current street “pros”) put in front of him for the last 20 years, 2) was a street skating innovator in his younger years, 3) continues to blast away at demos like a guy just trying to get his career started, 4) Has recently recovered from a near career-ending ankle injury, and finally 5) has evolved from the old days from a talented but wild innovator to a stylish, solid, and smooth pro.

I have seen firsthand the man’s greatness, when he showed up at an amazingly shitty little local skatepark, full of nearly ruined ramps, and proceeded to tear it up. No complaints. No bullshit. Just skated his heart out, made the crowd all want to skate, and was cool to everyone.

I don’t normally even go to demos. I’d rather spend my time skating. But if Mike Vallely is coming to town, make time to go. You will see a guy who fully connects with skating, rather than some flavor-of -the-month, fly by night, kickflip/railslide fake.